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About the HEMI HUB


The Higher Education Mentoring Initiative (HEMI) provides Hamilton County foster youth an academic mentoring relationship that begins in high school and is focused on preparation for and completion of post-secondary education, job training or military service.

The HEMI HUB is an online central location for success stories, calendar/events, important updates, scholarships, mentor recruitment, and resources about all things HEMI.

Visit our HEMI HUB: Success Stories!

Outcomes for Hamilton County Foster Youth:

  • Increase high school graduation rates for foster youth.
  • Increase the number of foster youth who apply to and pursue post-secondary education.
  • Increase the number of foster youth who successfully complete post-secondary education.

We strive for a day when young people are on a path toward sustainable employment and independent living. 

HEMI Resources

Google Calendar

Visit our calendar to discover HEMI’s events, including: HEMI Meet-Ups, HEMI Hangouts, Mentor Training, Annual Scholarship Dinner, Annual Run-for-the-Roses Fundraiser and more! If you would like to help support an event or collaborate, please contact Orville McDonald.

Financial Help

Take a look at the financial steps and resources for post-secondary options, including our list of scholarships!

HEMI Scholarships are due October 18, 2019. Please contact your Program Specialist for more information.


Explore our list of resources for your housing, educational and supportive needs. If you have a resource that you would like to add to this list, please contact Kimberly Rhyan.

Featured Resource: Cincinnati Scholar House is accepting pre-applications (Student parents in post-secondary degree programs). Please contact your program specialist for more information.

Upcoming Events

Please visit our google calendar for event details and program descriptions.

About HEMI & Becoming a Mentor

This is Our Passion.

We strive for a day when young people are on a path toward sustainable employment and independent living. 

We believe every foster youth has vast opportunities to complete their education and enter the workforce through supportive relationships:

  • HEMI Program Specialist
  • HEMI Mentor
  • KISR!

HEMI mentees celebrate graduation milestones in June 2019 on the B&B Steamboat!

Interested in serving as a Mentor?

HEMI Mentors commit to a long-term mentoring relationship averaging two hours per week of personal interaction with their mentee. They’ll also be expected to be available for additional contact via telephone, e-mail, texting, etc.

An intensive initial training will be required to prepare mentors for working with their student. Mentors will also be provided with 2 hour trainings each month of the academic year.

Please contact Denise Hewitt and visit this site for more information about becoming a mentor.

Mentee Testimonials

“Education is important to me because it can put me in a position to overcome my past hardships and to have a successful career.”

“Being in foster care and in this game we call the system, we are handed cards and these cards are not a good hand. But just like in any card game, you can win with bad cards if you know what you’re doing.”

“Even with all the neglect, abuse, and things that have been taken away from me, there is one thing that I know I will always have: My knowledge I acquired through education.”

“Life has handed me a lot of challenges that made me feel doubtful, but education is my second chance.”

The Hamilton County Youth Advisory Board visits Columbus for state-wide quarterly meeting.

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9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Our Amazing Partners

HEMI is a partnership between Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners, Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services, the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Great Oaks Career Campuses, OhioMeansJobs and Mount St. Joseph University.

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