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UC Senior Reaches her Collegiate Goals & Glows

LaTia Kemp is a senior Criminal Justice student who will walk this spring and earn her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cincinnati. This past fall, she interned at the Hamilton County Municipal Courthouse with Judge Alan Triggs. She spent 114 hours completing her internship and plans to use her experience to gain a position in probation, parole and/or corrections. HEMI congratulates LaTia for all of her hard work and determination to balance work/family/school while completing her B.S. degree! The HEMI team is so proud of you!!

Where was your internship? What was your title and duties?

My internship was located at the Hamilton County Courthouse. I interned alongside Judge Alan Triggs and Bailiff Niro Wijesooriya, as well as at the Clerk of Courts. Some of my duties included shadowing Judge Triggs and Bailiff Niro during courtroom proceedings and reflect on cases, aided with courtroom tasks that included identifying which police officers were associated with each case, carrying out Point of Sale transactions for the following: bonds, traffic/parking tickets, expungements, and license restoration. Type legal documents and file paperwork for civil cases, subpoenas, complaints, and Fresh Start (application for expungement).

How many hours did you work? How did you manage to maintain a busy internship/school/work schedule?

In a given week, I typically worked 8 hours. I went to school full-time and worked part-time. Fall semester, I handled a lot of responsibilities at once. Between school, work, interning, and taking care of two kids, it got a bit challenging. However, I was able to find a balance in order to be successful and maintain good mental health.

How was your overall experience?

My overall experience was fundamental, and unique. It was certainly a great opportunity to work with Judge Alan Triggs at the Hamilton County Municipal Court. I learned a lot about the court system and how they carry out many of their responsibilities.

Do you feel this internship helped prepare you for a career after college?

Yes, I was able to gain knowledge of the court system which gave me insight on how to dress, speak, and act in a courtroom setting.

How has this internship influenced you?

It has influenced me to consider becoming a lawyer, judge, or parole officer. I was able to witness many of their roles and responsibilities and was intrigued by their performance.

How did your mentor support you during this experience?

My mentor Kara coached me on how to dress professionally for this experience and gave career advice on how to communicate and be my best daily.

What is your advice to other mentees pursuing similar opportunities?

My advice to other mentees would be to reach for the stars, do not limit yourself. Don’t refrain from an opportunity out of fear or rejection. Sometimes it’s not about what you know, but about who you know. Always network and make connections. Building those positive relationships will help you in the end.


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