Overcoming the Odds as an Athlete & Becoming College Bound

Herbert Rodgers IV is a senior at Aiken New Tech High School and has been an active member of HEMI and the YAB for about four years. As one of HEMI’s most active participants, he has participated in dozens of HEMI Meet-Ups and worked well with his mentors over the years. As a Board member of the YAB, he has advocated on behalf of foster youth at the state level in Columbus, planned and executed several service learning projects, and regularly contributes to the Board’s mission. He is an active member in the percussion in the Aiken Band and a fierce opponent on the wrestling mat. Herbert has been accepted to UC Blue Ash and plans to begin his college career as a Bearcat this Fall.

What motivates you to wrestle?

  • It’s an awesome sport. My motivation comes from having fun & loving a sport like wrestling.

What lessons have you learned from wrestling?

  • I’ve learned to never give up and to support my teammates no matter if we win or lose.

Can you tell me about your accomplishments recently and what work you put into reaching your goals?

  • I’ve won several medals including 2nd place (120) for Rumble on the River; 4th for Reading Varsity Invitational; two-time CMAC Champ for both 113 and 120 weight class (back to back); and a three-time CMAC Champ at Aiken.

How has wrestling helped you overcome set backs and prepared you for your future?

  • Wrestling has helped me overcome mental barriers and challenges while helping me work on anger management. I have built up my determination over time and learned to believe in myself. My team has helped me feel like I am a part of a family. Wrestling has increased my confidence and made me feel accomplished. I can uplift myself when I am feeling down. It is honestly one of my favorite things to do even when I lose a match. I love it because it has helped me grow a lot in life and will continue to help me in the future as well.

“My team has helped me feel like I am a part of a family. “

– Herbert Rodgers IV

Herbert, Congratulations on an Excellent Wrestling Season & We look forward to seeing your next chapter! – The HEMI Team!

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