HEMI Hangouts Unite Mentees and Mentors

HEMI mentees inaugurate a new program!

What is HEMI Hangouts?

“HEMI Hangouts” is the newest program formed by their very own mentees. The idea was initially brought up by a team member who had some mentees who wanted new ways to connect through casual and fun events. After many conversations, the concept of “HEMI Hangouts” was created. It is a group ran by mentees, for mentees. each month, HEMI mentees and mentors explore activities that are fun and engaging.

Plant Appreciation Day July

On this day, mentees connected with nature by visiting Crohn’s Conservatory. In their time there, they appreciated both the beauty of plants from all types of ecosystems while also considering their importance to the planet. They also ate a clean, vegetarian lunch before creating succulent terrariums. Everyone had the chance to express themselves creatively while also taking a special keepsake for the day.

Scenic River View ExcursionsAugust

HEMI Hangouts help mentees bond, but to also give them the opportunity to experience new adventures never completed previously. Mentees took a six mile kayaking trip on the Little Miami River. While the trip was beginner-friendly, more experienced mentees acknowledges the difficulty of the river. Everyone challenged themselves and enjoyed the beautiful view of the river.

Baker Hunt Painting ClassSeptember

September’s recent HEMI Hangou was hosted and facilitated by our new partner, Baker-Hunt Art & Cultural Center. Their beautiful campus hosts a variety of art classes for anyone from a beginner artist to a hobbyist. The teacher for the evening, Chad Turner, shared his admirable passion for art and previously worked on amazing projects for companies such as Marvel Comics. He taught mentors and mentees about the technique of “broken colors” and instructed everyone to paint a picture inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The night was an incredibly fun way for everyone to share the synergy of community!

Do you have an idea for a future HEMI Hangout? Or do you want to host a HEMI Hangout? Please email hemimentors@uc.edu.

Next week’s blog will feature

the success of our most recent graduate, Justin K.!

Zoe Huesman is a student worker at the Higher Education Mentoring Initiative (HEMI). She is also a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in social work.

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