HEMI’s New Leader & Site Director

September 23, 2019

UC & HEMI Welcomes Orville McDonald!

“We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Orville McDonald to HEMI Site Director effective Monday, September 23, 2019! Orville has been a Program Specialist with HEMI for the past four years and has advanced through progressively more responsible roles, and has played a key role over the past several months with the transition of Rayma’s retirement.

Orville brings a wealth of experience to the HEMI department and we are excited about his new role with HEMI!”

Kathie J. Maynard, Ed.D., Associate Dean
Office for Education Innovations & Community Partnerships

Re-Introducing Orville McDonald:

  • Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
  • Married (Tiffany) with two sons Chris and Orville
  • Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration
  • 19 years of career experience in the social work field (Hamilton County Job and Family Services, Central Clinic, and Mercy Hospital (Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psych unit)
  • What are you most excited about in this position with HEMI? 

Continuing the great work that has already been established throughout the ten years of this program with the hope to guide HEMI to new heights and accomplishments in the near future.

  • How do you feel about having this leadership role?

Very blessed to be able to lead such an amazing staff of individuals, whose passion for this work keeps me motivated as we work together to train up our mentors to best support our young people.

  • What plans do you have in store for HEMI?

The initial focus is to recruit and train new community volunteers to become HEMI mentors.  Our mentors are a very vital piece of our program and we always need more committed and passionate people to become HEMI mentors.

  • What are your favorite aspects of HEMI?

 I have many but the one I will speak of is the ability for Mentors, with the training and support of our Program Specialist to really build that sense of community and relationship for our HEMI mentees.  As we know our population are foster youth so to be able to establish that solid consistent relationship as we, help guide these youth toward their career path is the true beauty of this program and my overall favorite aspect.

  • What interested you in social work in the first place?

The ability to motivate a person to reach their best self and obtain self-actualization; and just the understanding that your consistent, genuine presence can possibly change the trajectory of an individual’s life over a period of time.

Next week’s “Success Story” will feature our newest HEMI Mentors!

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