HEMI & Mount St. Joseph University

September 9, 2019

HEMI Thanks Meghann Littrell, Steering Committee Member

Since 2014, Meghann Littreell has served as Steering Committee Member for the Higher Education Mentoring Initiative. She joined the MSJ team in 2014, and oversees the Learning Center. She is a member of the Board of Directors for the Ohio Association on Higher Education and Disability.

Prior to her role at Mount St. Joseph Meghann worked at the University of Cincinnati in a number of capacities including Disability Services, Supplemental Educational Tutoring Services, a grant administrator for a 21st Century Community Learning Center Federal grant, and a program specialist for the Higher Education Mentoring Initiative. Her continued support of HEMI is a demonstration of her commitment to make a difference in Hamilton County. HEMI thanks Meghann for her service and dedication to helping our foster youth reach their academic goals!

HEMI Welcomes Jonathan Beard, Social Work Intern

This fall, HEMI is fortunate to have a new intern, Jonathan Beard. Jonathan is a Social Work/Sociology Senior at Mount St. Joseph University. He wants to see every HEMI mentee succeed at whatever path they choose.

When asked about his own career path, Jonathan stated, “Education is one of the greatest gifts anyone can receive and I want to see every person succeed! My future aspirations include graduating Mount St. Joseph University as a Licensed Social Worker. I plan on applying to the University of Cincinnati’s Masters of Social Work program and applying for a Social Work License. There are so many options in social work, but every means I can help another person and that is the primary goal of my life.”

Welcome Jonathan! HEMI congratulates you on your upcoming spring commencement! We thank you in advance for your support of HEMI.

Next week’s “Success Story” will feature Hamilton County’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB).

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